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April 23, 2012

YOtini’s Frozen Yogurt Bar

YOtini's Frozen Yogurt Virginia Beach

Top This! Create your very own masterpiece with Real Frozen Yogurt. Chose from over 50 topping as healthy as almonds, pure organic honey, fresh blueberries or decadent and fun like Gummy Bears, Reese’s Cups or hot fudge. Eight selections of real frozen yogurt with live and active cultures change daily from Green Tea, southern strawberry, dutch chocolate, pomegranate and many more.

YOtini's Frozen Yogurt Virginia Beach


When you eat at YOtini’s you are making a choice. You are making a choice to be good to yourself, to be good to your kids, to be good to the environment and community. When you eat at YOtini’s you are eating real yogurt with live and active cultures. The benefits of eating our yogurt are numerous and can be found here. You are also allowing your kids to make healthy, fun choices that are better than other options. When you eat at YOtini’s you are also helping the community by reducing landfill waste. Most of our napkins, cups and flatware are bio-degradable. We also have incorporated a system that eliminates water waste in cooling our machines. This saves tens of thousands of gallons of water annually which preserves one of our most valuable resources. When you eat at YOtini’s you are choosing a community member who is involved actively in giving back to the community. By hosting fundraiser’s, we actively seek out partners in the area and would love to host your next event.

YOtini’s Frozen Yogurt Bar

2861 Lynhaven Dr (Great neck rd), Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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