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August 18, 2012

Warning Signs Your Home May Have Termites

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Recognizing your home has termites sooner than later can save you significant money.  Termites cause approximately 2.5 billion in property damage and repair costs annually.  They feed primarily on wood but can also damage insulation, drywall, furniture, books, boxes, and trees.  Termites are well organized in their search for new Termite Damagesources of food.  So how do you know if your home has termites?  Here are a few common signs to look for:

Wood Damage:  Subterranean Termites leaves a distinctive pattern in wood.  Often found inside walls of a home because this termite destroys wood from the inside out.

Mud Tubes:  Subterranean Termites create mud tubes that serve as a bridge between the wood they consume and their colony.  These tubes are about the diameter of a pencil but can be thicker.

Termite Droppings:  Drywood Termites leave droppings behind after consuming wood. If you find a mound, most likely there is a nearby termite infestation.

Termite Swarms:  Spring is when large numbers of winged termites or “swarmers” are found inside homes.  This occurs from mature termite colonies typically leave their nest to create new colonies.   Homeowners often miss these swarms outside their homes because the swarms are brief during the morning or afternoon when no one is at home or at dusk.

Discarded Wings:  Termite swarms occur when mature termites leave the nest to start a new colony.  Once taking flight, the termites shed their wings.  Often homeowner can find these wings on window sills.

If you find termite damage in your home, you will need to find both a professional home repair company and a professional exterminator to protect your home after it is repaired.  Every homeowner should verify the licensing of a company prior to hiring them and entering your home.   This is easily done online at   There you can verify the level of licensing held, such as Class A, Class B or Class C and customer complaint history, if any.  You may also want to verify the company holds a General Contractor (BLD) classification.  With the General Contractor (BLD) classification, you can be confident the company you are hiring has met both the highest level of technical and financial requirements as required by the State.  Simply put, if a company is licensed to build you a home, the company certainly has the skills to repair your home that has been damaged by termites.  Spring is here… so keep an eye out for those termites!


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Bryan Teabout
For more than 30 years, homeowners and commercial property owners have trusted Bryan Teabout, President/Owner of Virginia Home Repair, to repair and remodel their properties. Today, Virginia Home Repair is a Class A General Contractor and one of the leading residential and commercial improvement companies in Virginia Beach, Virginia.



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