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June 10, 2014

The 600 block of Norfolk Avenue, where art meets tasty cuisine


By Gregory Wright

It’s a Shore Thing Correspondent

To encourage patronage of locals by locals, It’s a Shore Thing has visited shops owned and operated by Virginia Beach residents so that you can get a peek at what they offer to you, their neighbors. This is the second in a series of articles.

The 600 block of Norfolk Avenue, near the Oceanfront, is home to an eclectic gathering of shops and restaurants that are “very local.”

The Artists Gallery  Located at 608 Norfolk Avenue, this gallery justifiably claims it is “where art is born in Virginia Beach.” Vinnie Bumatay, the gallery manager, says that it is a working marketplace for over 40 local and regional artists, 11 of whom are in residence. Walk in and you will see a wide variety of paintings: still life, landscape and waterscape, garden, cat, and “Fabulous Forgeries.” Next exhibition (of Fabulous Forgeries) will be January 10-February 2.; 757-425-6671.

Gringo’s  You won’t find a freezer at Gringos Taqueria, says owner Evie Then, who has been in charge of the place since it opened eight years ago. “Everything is fresh.” The Cali-Mex eatery with personality at 612 Norfolk Ave. is known for its Baja fish tacos, but it offers so much more, like burritos, salads and fresh salsa. Plus, where else can you hear Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” played by a Mariachi band and piped over the restaurant speakers?; 757-961-2987

Icehouse Restaurant  Located at 604 Norfolk Avenue, this family restaurant is housed in a building that has been a Virginia Beach landmark since 1910 when it was an icehouse. The restaurant opened in 1929 and is presently owned by Doug Dubois and Tom Hall. Dinner specials are offered seven nights per week – Monday burger nights are especially popular. Happy Hour is from 11:30 to 6:30 and live music is provided on Thursday nights.; 757-422-1968.

Greg Wright is a writer living in Virginia Beach. To read his stories and for information about his novel, go to


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