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October 29, 2013

Get ready for the 2013 Senior Showcase

senior showcase

The event is scheduled for Oct. 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Princess Anne Recreation Center.

The Virginia Beach Mayor’s Commission on Aging assists the Mayor in planning actions to meet the needs of the senior citizens of Virginia Beach.

The members:

  • assist in identifying and defining the needs of seniors;
  • assist in reviewing the nature and priorities of services necessary to meet the needs of the aging;
  • articulate the functions of the Commission with other commissions, committees and agencies;
  • assist with public information, legislative and education efforts regarding the needs of seniors; and
  • represent the Mayor’s Office.


Members are appointed by the Mayor and serve for a three year term without compensation. Membership application forms are available through the Mayor’s Office. Members must be Virginia Beach Residents.


Meetings are open to the public and are held on the last Wednesday of each month except in December. Meetings are usually held in the City Council Conference Room, second floor of Building #1, City Hall Building, Virginia Beach Municipal Center, from 2 – 4 p.m. Confirm meeting dates by calling 385-4581.


Each year, the Commission presents awards for exceptional accomplishments in service to senior citizens. Nominations may be made for individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to promote change or provide new services for senior citizens of Virginia Beach. Contributions must have been made within the past year and must benefit a large segment of the senior community. Nominations can be submitted electronically by choosing the form located under “Related Links” or available through the Office of the Mayor.

Special Projects

From time to time the Commission will undertake special projects affecting seniors. For example, we recently co-sponsored a “Grandparents as Parents” conference and a state conference on Elder Abuse. This past November we sponsored a conference titled “Celebrate Aging Choices”.


The members of the Mayor’s Commission on Aging work in committees as they explore issues concerning seniors.
Committees include:
  • Community Concerns
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Legal and Legislative
  • Public Relations
  • Transportation
  • Special Programs
  • Citizens Committee

Members of the Mayor’s Commission on Aging:

Carey Raleigh Kalvig, Chair
Drew Lankford, Vice-Chair
Pat Mohoney
Michael Aschkenas
Margie Barnes
Sarah Burke
Dr. Greg Dalle-Tezze
Lisa Demascio
Amy Dudley
Larry Garletts
Martha Gnilka
Buck Heffernan
Officer Allen Perry
Alexia Pittman, Secretary
Lindy Casale-Rinaldi

City Liaisons

Erin Sutton – Emergency Planner, Virginia Beach Fire Department/Emergency Mgmt.
Captain Christi Budy – Emergency Medical Services
Wendy Swallow – AS/APS Supervisor, Virignia Beach Department of Human Services
MPO Dolly Deans – Virginia Beach Police Department
Barbara Henley – City Council Liaison

Advisory Council

Robert H. Fall

Senior Housing Inventory

This document is prepared annually by the Mayor’s Commission on Aging, and it includes a listing of Independent Living Facilities (e.g., senior apartments), Assisted Living Facilities, Continuum of Care Facilities, and Nursing Facilities.  See “Related Documents”. 
Real Estate Tax Exemption/Derferral/Freeze Program
To qualify, individuals must meet income and asset limitations. Please call 385-8847 for more information.

Department of Human Services

The City’s Department of Human Services sponsors two programs which can help families caring for older adults and adults with dementia.  The in-home Respite Care program provides in-home adult sitting that allows the caregiver to take a break from their responsibilities without having to leave the older adult or individual with dementia unsupervised.  This program also offers support groups for family caregivers and referrals to other needed services.  For further information, please contact Nancy Allan at 385-4135.  Southside Geropsychiatric Services can assist families that are dealing with wandering and/or behaviors common with dementia that make caregiving more challenging.  Staff can do a free home visit/consultation to assess the home situation and suggest services and strategies that might help with safety and daily care needs.  For further information, please contact Wendy Swallow at 385-4202.
Provides home visits to homebound elderly citizens who are at-risk for being institutionalized.
  • Monitoring and socialization services
  • Conduct regular community-based blood pressure clinics
 Fire Department
Free smoke detectors are offered free to any senior citizen. They come with a 10-year battery. Call Keith Arnold, Fire and Safety Specialist at 385-4228.


The American Association for Retired People (AARP), the Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department work together to prevent seniors from becoming victims of crime. Please call Bill Chamber at 563-1338 for more information.


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