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September 20, 2012

Happy Birthday SandeeCottage!


Sandi Vakos likes to paint. She loved paint-by-numbers as a kid growing up in Virginia Beach. As an adult, she taught her first-grade students at The Friends School off Laskin Road how to create the things they were learning about – and then paint them.

So it doesn’t seem all that strange for Vakos that she’s turning that passion into a business venture right off First Colonial Road.

“Leaning on a ladder, I once painted the entire exterior, soffit and all, of my house,” the bubbly Vakos recently said. “The walls in the house . . . all painted by me! Now I’m painting furniture.

Here is how it happened in her own words:

My friend, JB, came to town, a landscape artist who has actually been selling her artwork. She told me she was thinking about buying and selling antiques. I told her I had been thinking about painting furniture.

We liked each other’s ideas.

The next day we stood side by side in front of discarded bureaus. Hers was flawlessly gleaming, mine was beat up and gorgeous. She bought hers then and there and headed back to Charlotte, NC. I waited until Wednesday. Luckily, it was still there. But it cost $50.

The time had come. Could I spend money on an idea? Launch a livelihood? Hemming and hawing: what should I do?

I called JB.

“How much is it?” she wanted to know. I told her $50. She said, “Buy it, if it doesn’t sell I’ll pay you double.”

What a friend.

Her support allowed me to say yes to a possibility. That was the day SandeeCottage was born.

Happy birthday SandeeCottage!

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